openjdk cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified when installing adb via brew

The Problem If you’re like me and enjoy the simplicity of installing command line tools using the brew command on macOS, you’ve likely run into one or two cases where Catalina prevents you from running a tool that’s been installed because it hasn’t been verified. In this case, I’m installing the android developer tools for React Native development and needed both adb and openjdk. I’ve used both of these commands to install them:

React Native, Typescript and VS Code: Unable to resolve module

The Problem I’ve run into this problem largely when setting up new projects, as I start to break out internal files into their own folders and the project has to start finding dependencies in new locations. In my case, it was complaining about imports from internal paths like import ContactPermissions from 'app/components/screens/contactPermissions';. The error message tries to help by giving you four methods for resolving the issue, which seem to work only in the most naive cases:

FFmpeg exited with code 1, Homebridge and Homekit configuration with Axis camera

The Problem If you’re trying to use the homebridge-camera-ffmpeg plugin for homebridge to connect your IP camera to Homekit, you may have run into issues with ffmpeg exiting with code 1 when trying to stream. This usually means ffmpeg can’t launch with the options provided in your camera configuration, but many different things can be going wrong and it’s hard to debug. [1/18/2020, 8:27:54 PM] [Camera-ffmpeg] Snapshot from Front door at 480x270 [1/18/2020, 8:27:56 PM] [Camera-ffmpeg] Start streaming video from Front door with 1280x720@299kBit [1/18/2020, 8:27:56 PM] [Camera-ffmpeg] ERROR: FFmpeg exited with code 1 There are lots of ways this can go wrong, so here are some steps to figure out where you might be having issues.

xcodebuild: error: Could not resolve package dependencies with Fastlane and Swift Package Manager on CircleCI / Bitrise

The Problem If you’re running tests on your iOS build CI pipeline with fastlane, you might run into an issue when running scan using Xcode 11+ if you’ve got some Swift package manager dependencies. The full error might look like this: [18:44:50]: ------------------ [18:44:50]: --- Step: scan --- [18:44:50]: ------------------ [18:44:50]: $ xcodebuild -showBuildSettings -workspace FiveCalls/FiveCalls.xcworkspace -scheme FiveCalls [18:44:53]: Command timed out after 3 seconds on try 1 of 4, trying again with a 6 second timeout.

React: Left side of comma operator is unused and has no side effects

The Problem You tried to expand the content in your component by adding an element before or after an element you were already rendering in this component. render() { return ( <h1>Your first element</h1> <h2>Your second element</h2> ); } The render function of a React component expects a single element to be returned here but you’re passing two, the h1 and h2. The Solution If you’re using a modern version of React, you can most likely wrap both of these elements in a Fragment that will virtually group them into a single element for a return, but won’t render any additional content in your HTML.